Trusted providers in blockchain infrastructure

Trusted providers in blockchain infrastructure

Our goal is to make interacting with the blockchain simple and secure, so by actively building these tools we are helping to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem.

Our validators

Validator details

Our validators typically run on bare-metal servers featuring at least:

  • 3.4 Ghz hexa-core CPU
  • 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Hardware RNG
  • Mirrored NVMe SSDs
  • 1 Gbit/s network link

Why we need validation

To improve decentralization of the blockchain a network can use a consensus protocol between participating nodes which validate and verify the authenticity of transactions. We are supporting this expanding ecosystem by running validators for networks like the XRP Ledger, Flare Network and Songbird Network.

Secure by nature

In a former nuclear bunker 30 meters beneath the streets of Stockholm - Pionen, White Mountains is owned and run by Bahnhof, Sweden's oldest independent ISP. As it did in 1943, the data centre provides us with strong physical security and now excellent connectivity, as it facilitates one of Sweden's internet exchange points with its triple-redundancy connection cables.

Naturally sustainable

Much like the efficient networks we support, Pionen is powered only by renewable energy, and excess heat from the servers is recycled and fed into the local district heating network.

In good company

Our most well known validator is "Gimli" validating the XRP Ledger since 2021. It's trusted and included in the unique node lists (UNLs) published by the XRP Ledger Foundation, Ripple and Coil.

Public key: nHUtmbn4ALrdU6U8pmd8AMt4qKTdZTbYJ3u1LHyAzXga3Zuopv5Y


Interact with the blockchain

Unlike the consensus mechanism between validators, our nodes allow wallets, exchanges and users to connect and directly access blockchain information. RPC nodes like these can facilitate actions such as fetching your balance and submitting signed transactions through various applications.

Public Songbird RPC node

We maintain a RPC node cluster for Songbird Network, used by hundreds of thousands of users. It's free and publicly available for individual use. We also provide dedicated access for commercial use. If you are a company or developer interested in this, contact us to discuss requirements.

Name: Songbird Network
Chain ID: 19
Symbol: SGB