Shaping the way you interact with the blockchain.

Shaping the way you interact with the blockchain.

Build value with utility. Crypto solutions should be simple and secure, which is why we focus on creating purposeful products and tools which integrate with the blockchain.

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Have full control over your crypto assets with your personal wallet, NFT gallery, and web3 browser all in one secure mobile app.

Your keys, your crypto.

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Bifrost Delegation

made easy

Unlock the true value of your Flare (FLR) and Songbird (SGB) tokens by delegating your vote to Bifrost Oracle, risk-free.

We provide accurate and reliable price data to the Flare Time Series Oracle, rewarding delegators in the native token.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Towo Labs is committed to ensuring the long term health and stability of the blockchain ecosystem. We run servers that help secure and decentralize blockchains like the XRP Ledger, Songbird, Flare, Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

We are also making sure that access to the blockchain is as easy and secure as possible, by providing a number of nodes and faucets that developers use to read blockchain data and acquire test tokens.