We simplify crypto asset self-custody

Towo Labs develops secure crypto wallets and decentralized applications. We're also running public blockchain infrastructure.

Flare Network Applications and Oracle Signal Provider

Wallet Development

We work together with existing wallet providers to ensure Flare Network has proper wallet support from day one of mainnet release.

Utility Tools

Towo Labs develops utility tools for the Flare Network, including a snapshot tool and snapshot API for the XRP Ledger utility fork.

Oracle Signal Provider

We're a Flare oracle signal provider, providing robust and volume-weighted price indices to the Flare Network.

Web and Mobile Applications

Towo Labs develops various applications to interact with the Flare Network, to for example delegate Spark.

Hardware Wallet Integrations

Firmware Development

We contribute to existing hardware wallets, to add missing features, patch vulnerabilities and support entirely new blockchains.

Application Integrations

Towo Labs integrates the most popular hardware wallets in web and mobile applications for more secure crypto self-custody.

XRP Toolkit: XRPL Web Interface

Manage Multiple Accounts

XRP Toolkit can be used to securely view and manage XRP Ledger accounts on wallets like Xumm and Ledger devices.

Access Advanced Features

Users can access advanced XRP Ledger features like trust lines, escrows and account settings.

Decentralized Exchange

Thousands of users trade on the XRP Ledger's built-in decentralized exchange from XRP Toolkit every day.

Testing and Experimentation

The XRP Toolkit testnet version can be used to try out new and advanced XRP Ledger features.

Public Blockchain Infrastrucutre


Towo Labs is operating an XRP Ledger validator from Pionen White Mountains, Stockholm, Sweden.

Full Nodes

We're running full nodes to secure and support the public blockchains of Flare, Litecoin and Dogecoin.



Markus Alvila, Co-founder, CEO

A software engineer with experience in secure software development from 84codes and Sectra Communications. Markus has responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities in products by companies like Ledger, R3, Pivotal and Microsoft.

Patrik Sletmo, Co-founder, CTO

A software engineer with experience from multiple web and app development projects, working as an IT consultant for Netlight Consulting and software developer for Sectra Communications and Ericsson.

Open Position (EU) UX/UI Designer, Graphic Designer

We're looking for a UI/UX or graphic designer for web and mobile apps. Remote-first, part-time or full-time.


Wietse Wind, Founder of XRPL Labs and board member of XRP Ledger Foundation.

Matvey Mukha, Principal Software Engineer at NXP Semiconductors.

Questions or Feedback?

Simply send us an email to hello@towolabs.com